Harley's Birthday makes a great fundraiser to help rescue dogs in NYC

Thank you very much for participating in Harley’s 2nd Birthday Under The Big Top fundraiser to benefit Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The event was such a success. All guest were treated to Mirage pet Smooches to wear, dog table filled with delicious homemade healthy treats and beyond awesome swag bags filled with goodies. There were 43 pups that attended and 50 adults. Everyone had a fantastic time as they all reiterated, “This was the awesome/epic party that they had ever been to.” “We had so much fun.”, “This party is unbelievable.” “what a great cause.” With your help, we raised $900.00 for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC in 2 hours. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in help animals and support this great cause. All of the guests were amazed at the beautiful items and quality of goods. There were so many different great prizes for all the different dog breeds that attended. This birthday celebration has become a yearly event to help different rescues.  I would hope and love if you would consider doing the same next year so that we can double the proceeds to help animals in need.  This was such a great thing to do and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. This could have never been done without your kindness and beautiful compassion for animals in need.                                                                                                                                                   Thank you,                                                                                                                                           Dianne Ferrer and Harley                                                                                                                 @cruzthefrenchie           

A great salesdog for MUTT-N-AISE. Thanks Harley.

A great salesdog for MUTT-N-AISE. Thanks Harley.

Petchup Dog Treat Review

Petchup Dog Treat Review

 It’s also a great option for pet owners who have trouble getting their pets to finish their meals. Whether your fur baby is a picky eater or simply bored, Petchup Nutritional Condiments can entice your pets to finish all of their food. This can be particularly important for pets who are on medicated veterinary preparations or restricted diets.

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My dogs have been using these awesome nutritious products for years and they really love it! It's really fun to make frozen treats with the Petchup and Muttstard and I cannot wait to make frozen kitty cat treats with the Meowstard and the Catchup and the Meownaise! just squeeze some into a little cup and put in the freezer for an hour. Then watch how much fun they have licking it especially in the summertime! This is a great treat to bring to Memorial Day Barbeques for your friends who have fur babies🐾🐆🐾🐶❤️! Oops I meant Bark-B-Q's! ...

Thank You!

You have saved my dog's life!  He hasn't wanted to eat or play for about six weeks since we lost our older dog.  Despite changing food, canned food, and antidepressants, we just couldn't seem to get his spark back.  In just three meals, he's been transformed back to the enthusiastic eater and playful pup that he was before.  I love that this stuff is nutritious as well, but even if it weren't, I would still be buying it.  Thank you for making such a great product!

Meet Mr. Mocha and Cocoa

Cocoa is 8 years old and Mr. Mocha is 6 years old. Me and my wife opened a pet supply store in Oct 2015 and went to the Pet Expo in Orlando in March 2016. That’s when we discovered Petchup. It was catchy name and we stopped and got information and samples of the product. We went home and gave our dogs the sample and our dogs went crazy over it. We ordered it for our store and became customers as well.

Little background Mr. Mocha is not picky and will eat anything I give him Cocoa will not.. The day that we started putting Petchup on the kibble and we stopped mixing with Moist and Meaty Cocoa now eats all of her dinner.

They have now been on Petchup for about 3 months and when I fix their bowls at night they both do a little dance with their front paws and the speak to me as if they were saying HURRY UP and feed us. Their coats are soft and shiny and Mr. Mocha has energy that he hasn’t had in a while. We are completely sold on this product and highly recommend it to you as well as our customers.

Stephen & Pamela Bilbruck Belleview, FL

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sending us several boxes of Petchup. We are very grateful for your generosity. We have shared the Petchup with some other rescues we work with and your product is getting rave reviews. I will scan and send your receipt this week but just wanted to send a quick note and let you know we received the shipment.


Michele Padilla

Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue


Animal Trustees

Hey there!
I work at Animal Trustees of Austin… I could tell you all about what we do, but it would be easier for you to just Google us and see for yourself that we’re freaking awesome; We save the animals no one else will save, WITHOUT taking them away from the families that already love them just because they might not have the money to provide life-saving treatments. It’s not just a slogan, we truly do treat the animals in our care as if they are our own pets, so we take getting sick pets well very, very seriously.

That being the case, I recently bought some Meowstard at 2am in my local grocery store in a panicked attempt to find something, ANYTHING, to get a sick kitty at work to eat. It had been days since he’d taken in a single calorie that I didn’t have to physically force down his throat, weeks since he had eaten anything with any enthusiasm, and he was a few hours away from a decision being made about placing a feeding tube, doing an exploratory surgery to find the demon in there making him unwell, or to euthanize him because he was suffering and his poor liver couldn’t take much more of his starvation.

Meowstard went over great! The kitty ate and ate and ate, anything I put the Meowstard on, and nuked a little, was suddenly the most delicious thing little Okie had ever smelled. Because he was now getting food into his belly, we could actually see some symptoms because his metabolism had turned back on, and within a couple of days of his Meowstard-additive diet, he was diagnosed, treated and in recovery!

From now on, whenever we get in a sick, inappetent kitty or a weak kitten, we will break out the Meowstard!

Thanks so much for your clever, life-saving product!

Now, do you know anyone who would like to adopt a sweet little black cat with a newfound interest in thriving?

ATA vet tech
ATA surgery clinic: 5129 Cameron Road, Austin, Texas, 78723


Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten!

Meet Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten! The three of us were more than happy to share our thoughts about the kibble condiments that were graciously donated by the good people at Petchup.

While Muttstard and Catchup are sold in squeeze bottles, like traditional human condiments, we received plenty of sample packets to test out. After tearing a Muttstard packet open, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked just like real mustard, but after a curious sniff, the yellow condiment was quick to remind me that the turkey-flavored treat was still dog food. Muttstard smells comparable to other wet pet foods, and since I only give Scribbles and Joy dry kibble, they were extremely interested in the neon yellow snack.

I could tell that both Scribble and Joy enjoyed the scent, but it was Joy who really went to town on the Muttstard-covered food. Scribble still ate her food at her own pace, but the golden goo really perked my cat’s attention. The crimson Catchup variety had similar results, with Joy openly showing much more appreciation for the kitty condiment by eagerly chowing down than Scribbles ever did.

I tested both condiments on my extended family of animals, and I found similar results: Cats seem to like Muttstard and Catchup more than dogs. My verdict is that if you’ve got a finicky feline, pick out the flavored condiment that would best suit your cat’s taste. Muttstard and Meowstard are both turkey flavored, while Catchup tastes like salmon and Petchup has a beefy flavor, so there is no shortage of kibble-enhancing condiments to try out! If you’ve got a dog with a wider palate, who isn’t afraid to try new things, go for it. Thanks again to the Petchup team for their contribution!

Helps with restricted diet

“My Golden Retriever was diagnosed with kidney disease not too long ago. She was restricted to a special diet of K/D food. The vet advised us it was not very palatable but it may help with her kidneys. Jade hated the food. We tried everything, chicken, rice, wet food mix in’s. Nothing would work. Got a sample of petchup somewhere and tried it. The fact that is was lower in protein content was a plus as Jade was restricted. She ate all her K/D! It turned out it was the only thing she would eat it with. We bought a case of it and she loved it. She made it through the entire summer before she lost her fight with her kidneys. Thank you Petchup for making it easier on her during her last months with us. Our 2 current dogs love it as well.”