Animal Trustees

Hey there!
I work at Animal Trustees of Austin… I could tell you all about what we do, but it would be easier for you to just Google us and see for yourself that we’re freaking awesome; We save the animals no one else will save, WITHOUT taking them away from the families that already love them just because they might not have the money to provide life-saving treatments. It’s not just a slogan, we truly do treat the animals in our care as if they are our own pets, so we take getting sick pets well very, very seriously.

That being the case, I recently bought some Meowstard at 2am in my local grocery store in a panicked attempt to find something, ANYTHING, to get a sick kitty at work to eat. It had been days since he’d taken in a single calorie that I didn’t have to physically force down his throat, weeks since he had eaten anything with any enthusiasm, and he was a few hours away from a decision being made about placing a feeding tube, doing an exploratory surgery to find the demon in there making him unwell, or to euthanize him because he was suffering and his poor liver couldn’t take much more of his starvation.

Meowstard went over great! The kitty ate and ate and ate, anything I put the Meowstard on, and nuked a little, was suddenly the most delicious thing little Okie had ever smelled. Because he was now getting food into his belly, we could actually see some symptoms because his metabolism had turned back on, and within a couple of days of his Meowstard-additive diet, he was diagnosed, treated and in recovery!

From now on, whenever we get in a sick, inappetent kitty or a weak kitten, we will break out the Meowstard!

Thanks so much for your clever, life-saving product!

Now, do you know anyone who would like to adopt a sweet little black cat with a newfound interest in thriving?

ATA vet tech
ATA surgery clinic: 5129 Cameron Road, Austin, Texas, 78723