Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten!

Meet Scribbles the Yorkie and Joy the kitten! The three of us were more than happy to share our thoughts about the kibble condiments that were graciously donated by the good people at Petchup.

While Muttstard and Catchup are sold in squeeze bottles, like traditional human condiments, we received plenty of sample packets to test out. After tearing a Muttstard packet open, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked just like real mustard, but after a curious sniff, the yellow condiment was quick to remind me that the turkey-flavored treat was still dog food. Muttstard smells comparable to other wet pet foods, and since I only give Scribbles and Joy dry kibble, they were extremely interested in the neon yellow snack.

I could tell that both Scribble and Joy enjoyed the scent, but it was Joy who really went to town on the Muttstard-covered food. Scribble still ate her food at her own pace, but the golden goo really perked my cat’s attention. The crimson Catchup variety had similar results, with Joy openly showing much more appreciation for the kitty condiment by eagerly chowing down than Scribbles ever did.

I tested both condiments on my extended family of animals, and I found similar results: Cats seem to like Muttstard and Catchup more than dogs. My verdict is that if you’ve got a finicky feline, pick out the flavored condiment that would best suit your cat’s taste. Muttstard and Meowstard are both turkey flavored, while Catchup tastes like salmon and Petchup has a beefy flavor, so there is no shortage of kibble-enhancing condiments to try out! If you’ve got a dog with a wider palate, who isn’t afraid to try new things, go for it. Thanks again to the Petchup team for their contribution!