My dogs have been using these awesome nutritious products for years and they really love it! It's really fun to make frozen treats with the Petchup and Muttstard and I cannot wait to make frozen kitty cat treats with the Meowstard and the Catchup and the Meownaise! just squeeze some into a little cup and put in the freezer for an hour. Then watch how much fun they have licking it especially in the summertime! This is a great treat to bring to Memorial Day Barbeques for your friends who have fur babies🐾🐆🐾🐶❤️! Oops I meant Bark-B-Q's! ...

Crush loves Petchup!

"My fiance and I have a 7 year old English Bulldog named “crush” who absolutely adores Petchup. He is a very finicky eater. Sometimes he doesn’t eat his dog food at all. We both believe it is partly do to my fiance’s parents secretly feeding him human food behind our backs. Ha! . . . Well, needless to say, your Petchup has cured his spoiled ways. Though he might have been a dog food snob in the past, he is now eating regularly." Christian

New Flavors!

If you have been following us at Petchup then you know we are ALWAYS testing for both nutrition and flavor. The results of our latest round of exploration has created a NEW MUTTSTARD in Salmon Flavor. Boy, do the dogs love it! We chose this because of the taste, the increased OMEGA 3 and because we have yet to meet a dog that doesn't cherish real salmon flavor!